Julia Gutkina constructs geometric paintings, a painterly geometry of abstracted reality. Moments from a walk, or a glance out of the window are, in their essential areas and lines, analyzed and consequently set down in the skeleton of a sketch, which just marks the compositional elements of a realistic picture. Abstracted to such an extent, stark reality is transformed into an almost constructionist painting. Lines, areas, and finally, even the colour, for the most part restrained, apparently develop autonomously. This geometry however isnÕt objective, the painterly characteristics being much too vehement, the contrast between line, area, space and colour much too dramatic. The emotional and lyrical capriccio gives the pictures mood and character and is even capable, now and then, of recounting what stood at the beginning, the walk in November or the view onto a cold and grey city.

Dr. Dietmar Schuth

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